About Monghao
Shenzhen Monghao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, which is a national high-tech enterprise and national innovative enterprise.We have been focusing on the production and sales of slope, cutting and welding equipment for flatbed/pipeline engineering. We have assets of 76 million RMB, covering an area of 6,000 square meters, and more than 70 employees, including 26 engineers and technicians. The main products include: flat plate beveling machine, edge milling machine, chamfering machine, pipe beveling machine, pipe cutting and beveling machine, pipeline automatic welding machine and so on. It is the domestic metal processing industry product standard development unit, the first in the domestic counterparts through the ISO9000 quality system certification and CE certification.
About Monghao
We are self-contracted and confident!
Integrity, is the foundation of the enterprise. We believe that the integrity of this building stands on the ground, is every bricklayer and every square brick. Therefore, Monghao in the construction of integrity culture, pay more attention to the system and strict implementation. Every pre-sales service, every sales success, every after-sales call response of Monghao will reflect the principle of standardization, professionalism and user benefits. Because the concept and system gives us only this choice. "Honesty wins the world" is always the promise of Monghao staff to customers.
Specialization is the source of enterprise development. Specialization means in-depth and precise testing and control of products. Therefore, exquisite technology and objective and rigorous spirit of inquiry has always been Monghao strongly publicized and proud of the quality. However, this is not enough. Here, professionalism should be converted into value creation. This is exactly what Monghao never stops doing.
The progress of an enterprise is always due to self-confidence, professionalism, diligence and the many people who love it. We sincerely thank all walks of life for the long-term care and support of Monghao, and always insist on: to return the trust with quality!
General Manager's Speech
General Manager:Tan Jian Yong
 Monghao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
New Year's Day, 2019
  • Practical Patent Certificate

  • Trademark Registration Certificate

  • High Tech Enterprise Certificate

  • Filing of Foreign Trade Operators

  • Quality Management System Certification

  • Patent for Invention

  • Machinery Manufacturing ERP Production Management System

  • Manufacturing Inspection Management System for Flat Plate Beveling Machine

  • Welding machine control system for automatic pipe welding

  • Manufacturing and Testing Management System for Pipe Beveling Machine

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