【 安全第一,节能降耗 】
Safety first, energy saving
Product:Monghao MG-500 Series
Monghao MG-500 series is an all-posion automatic welding machine with wireless remote controller. The intelligent welding tractor can automaticlly welding around the pipeline, and realise all posions of the pipeline welding process (vercal welding, horizontal welding,overhead welding,downward, internal welding ect...). We provide one stop soluon with intelligent welding torch, unique magnet welding tractor, automatic wire feeder, power supply and wearing parts etc... The welding process is simply controlled by the hand-held wireless remote control, which can efficiently improve the welding quality at high producon rates even under severe environmental condions and reduce labor intensity. This welding equipment and method is widely used in ship building,bridges,locomoves, steel structure,petrochemical industry and other industries, suitable for a variety of welding structures.


Pipe diameter> 130mm
Tractormagnetic wheel type tractor
Control modewireless remote control
Walking speed0 - 1200mm / min 
Welding torch swing parameters
Swing width0.0 - 30.0 mm (left to right or right to left)
Swing frequency0 - 200times/min
Duration of stay (left, right)0.0 - 10.0s
Welding torch adjustment rangeup/down 25 mm,forward / backward tilt 45°
Welding torch wire cable length4.5m
Gas and Eletric cable length15m
Shielding gasCO2/MAG/MIG
Applicable wiresuggested solid wire Φ1.0mm or flux-cored wire Φ1.2mm,max wire diameter Φ1.6 mm
Remote control batterylithium battery (360 hours lifetime)
Power Supply Rate23.3/22.4KW
Power Supply Current500A
Gross weight140kg
Packaging size820*700*820mm

Product specifification selection table

Model Weldable material Swing type Can meet the welding position
MG-500plus Carbon Steel Horizontal Swing 1G/2G/3G/4G/5G
MG-500plus+ Carbon Steel Horizontal Swing, Arc Swing 1G/2G/3G/4G/5G/6G
MG-500L plus+ Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Horizontal Swing, Arc Swing 1G/2G/3G/4G/5G/6G

It can be welded in trackless type or with rail type (Rail type is mainly used for welding large diameter pipe or non-magnetic adsorption pipeline).

Can match with flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine etc.

Please consult sales for more details.

Monghao has cooperated with nearly 2000 projects in chemical construction, oil pipeline, gas pipe, water pipeline, heating, air conditioning, railway, power construction, ships and other industries. Based on our rich experience in these industries, the All-position Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine launched by Monghao can meet high standard requirement of industry users.
We developed a new generation of all-position automatic welding machine system "Foxcweld", greatly improve the quality of welding and easy to operate.
Our welding machine can realise six axis action, which basically meets all the action needs of manual welding method.Workplaces applicability is wide and more than Φ130 mm pipes are applicable, without welding thickness limit. After preset parameters you can press the button to start.
We also open our welding expert system database to customers so they can develop the welding process on this platform independently,preset and real-time call parameters to keep seam formation consistency.
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